Unusual SP600?

Grant Youngman nq5t at GTE.NET
Sat Jul 18 23:11:28 EDT 1998

Gang ..

Received this description from a fellow with an SP600J to sell.
Apparently his grandfather was a VP with Northern Radio.  Does this
sound like anything interesting?

NORTHERN RADIO Type 159 Model 1 Radio Receiver,....

A HAMMARLUND SP-600J Receiver, "...specially modified so it may be used
in dual or triple diversity receiving systems.   It will receive any one
of the commonly used modulations, such as frequency shift, CW or Voice
(telephone) communications....can be used for radio teleprinter
reception, undulator tape recording and program reception, Multiplex
teleprinter circuits, or for remote service where the intelligence is to
be transmitted via land line or UHF link."

Freq. Range: 540 kilocycles to 54.0 megacycles in 6 bands.
Output:      2.5 watts undistorted
Sensitivity: 2.3 microvolts or better, signal to noise 10:1

Manual for the receiver is dated 1963


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