A ton of boatanchors to sell

Dave nyet at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jul 22 10:26:42 EDT 1998

Hi all,

I hope I'm not offending anyone posting this here.  I apologize if

I have literally a ton of boatanchors I want to sell.  Circumstances
have come up where I need to raise a good deal of cash, and I
have decided to sell the majority of my 20 year collecting hobby.
The catch is I am going to spend a fair amount of time trying to 
find a single buyer that can come to pick the gear up (near Seattle).

Below is the list of gear - the vast majority works fine and is in good
to very good condition, except as noted.  Most of the gear is shown
in various places of my web site, www.boatanchors.com.  Most have
manuals - some do not.

If by any chance you, or someone you know, is interested in the entire
LOT of gear, email me privately at dave at boatanchors.com.  I WILL NOT
at this time reply to any offers to buy single components.  I'm sorry - 
it's just too much to deal with piece by piece and ship and all that.  If
I don't get any interest whatsoever in negotiating a package price, I will
then either drop the idea or post stuff one at a time (ugh!).  Shipping any
of it is not an option at this time.  Sorry.

The List:

Heathkit SB-110 w/ SB-600 & PS
Heathkit SB-101 w/ SB-600 & PS
Heathkit SB-400
Heathkit SB-300
Heathkit SB-630
Heathkit SB-610
Heathkit SB-614
Heathkit SB-634
Heathkit SB-644
Heathkit DX-60B - wrong meter
Heathkit HR-10B 
Heathkit HG-10
Heathkit DX-40
Heathkit DX-20
Heathkit AT-1 nice
Heathkit AT-1 - rough
Heathkit VF-1 nice
Heathkit AR-3 nice
Heathkit AM-2
Heathkit HM-11
Heathkit QF-1
Heathkit HW-12 w/ hand mic
Heathkit HD-1410

Drake 2B - nice but no 15m rock
Drake L4B with power supply
Drake TR-3 w/ hand mic

Hallicrafters HQ-110AC
Hallicrafters HQ-100AC
Hallicrafters S-85
Hallicrafters SR-150 w/ PS
Hallicrafters SX-99 - dirty
Hallicrafters HA-1
Hallicrafters HA-5

Knight Kit R-100 - rough, works
Tempo One SSB xcvr
Bud Codemaster tube CPO
Gonset GSB-100 w/ parts rig. Very nice

TenTec Omni-D - excellent, but goofy sidetone osc.
Science Fair Globe Patrol regen
Realistic DX-160 w/ matching spkr
Realistic DX-302
MFJ Grandmaster contest keyer
Homebrew 572 x 2 80/40/20 linear w/ PS
Gonset Communicator (magic eye version)

End of list for now.  May be more - I can't decide if I'm going
to sell the Collins and Drake stuff.  This is hard!

View it at http://www.boatanchors.com

Again, I am not interested in single items at this time.  I want to
try first to find a package buyer who can come pick it all up in
Tacoma, WA.  

email for my estimates on what I am asking and we can nogotiate.

Thanks all,


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