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Thu Jul 23 01:57:12 EDT 1998

Hi all...

I know that no one cares that I'm going on vacation - but the list server
(or reflector) will be running on auto pilot for the next 10 days.  It
should be fine, but in the event of a problem with it, your subscription, or
anything else that I might be needed for, you now know why I don't answer or
fix the problem.  I'll be back on the 3rd.

And....I see on the Heath and BA list that we just can't keep to the topic.
I guess it's time for a new list..."I have an opinion and I think you all
should hear it".  Cool idea?  Of course, it might be a
lot harder to "Digest".  Anyone catch my drift here?  Stay on topic!  Or, I
guess we could set a new standard and if what you are posting is off topic,
you could put OT: in the subject line so we could filter it to the proper
bin.  Oh, and of course I have an opinion on the ARRL proposal.....and
opinions about some of the Who cares?  Posting it here will
change things...I can feel it in my bones. Not!

The above was tongue-in-cheek - mostly kidding, but list members SHOULD stay
on topic out of respect to the other members.

73 all and I hope to bump into a bunch of you at the Tuthill hamfest.  I'll
be wearing a white hat with my call on it. (yes, that makes me an O.F. I
guess) And I'll be spending a lot of time around 7.040 at night on QRP
(HW-9) from the camp ground on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Dave Kelley, AI7R

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