Stumpie stumpie at EDU.GTE.NET
Tue May 5 23:09:34 EDT 1998

Hi Gang,

Well, here I am, like the others, a refuge from Jack's paid list.  I also quit
when I changed ISPs.  The reasons for not following Jack's list, besides the
rapidly escallating cost, was the heavy handedness of a certain person.  That
and the fact that his list turned into more of a swap than anything else.

I run mostly Collins stuff, with KWM-2s and 2As, 51S-1, 75/32 combinations, and
a 32V-2/51J-4.  I also have my first ham receiver, an SX-28A, along with a
Hammarlund HQ-180 and a National HRO-60.

I'm not really a boatanchor collector, since I acquired most of this stuff when
it was still in production. I'm still operating them, and see no reason to buy
newer gear since this stuff works just fine.  Besides, when I work on them, I
can actually SEE the parts, and with my little Simpson 260, go through these
radios like a house-a-fire.



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