Q & Z Signals: MARS Reprint available

J.Douglas Hensley w5jv at JUNO.COM
Fri May 8 09:02:42 EDT 1998

I have a fairly thorough reprint of the Q & Z signals used by the US
military which includes syntactical description.  I.e. this would be
equivalent to what we used to read out of ACP131 back in the days of real
radio.  If there is enough interest, I would be willing to copy and
distribute same to those who want it.  Cost shipped would be around $5 to
Excellent base terminology for cw and rtty.

I can also copy the HO Pub which encapsulated standard merchant traffic
terminology.  It is rather large and would cost at least $15 to do.  Only
the die-hard cw enthusiast would want such a beast, but there might be
some use on RTTY as well.

Get in touch with your name, call, and mailing QTH if you're interested.
If there are enough replies, we'll go with it.
I'll let everyone know in a week or so how the tally is going.  We did
this once before for the E&E Surplus Conversion Manuals and it worked out
very well for everyone who participated.

73 to all,


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