Sick T4XC

Joe Ferrara ferrara at FARSIDE.CC.MISU.NODAK.EDU
Thu May 7 22:43:39 EDT 1998

        After 22  years of faithful, heavy, and uninterrupted service my
Drake T4X-C stopped working (cheap junk).  It looked to me like the 12BY7
(driver) was bad so I replaced it. Sure enough.... that seemed to fix it.
I figured that after all that time, the old girl was do for an alignment
or something (I really just wanted to play). So, I started following the
alignment procedures outlined in the manual. BIG MISTAKE. Things seemed to
be going along swimmingly until my XYL demanded my presence for some
trivial task.
        Here is where things get strange.  I turned off the rig went up
stairs and when I came back the next week, the rig was dead again. I mean
zero output on any band. I've found: 1) all kinds of things that don't fix
it and 2) what must be a typo on the resistance chart for the
12BY7. But, it is still deader than a doornail. Any suggestions out there?
If you come up with the fix (or questions that leads to a fix) you get a
free beer or drink of your choice someday (maybe).
        With that kind of incentive/challenge pair I'm sure the smart
(if somewhat chronologically impaired) folks in this group can help.

Joe Ferrara, N7IV

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