PDF Manuals, beta versions online now

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Fri May 8 00:24:12 EDT 1998

As promised I have the CV-591A and TM 11-856A R-390A manuals online for
The 390A is not yet finished, but the copy online is useable, though
consider it "beta .75" --
still have to do several more revisions, etc.

Both manuals are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, and require the Acrobat
Reader to be useable.
I have put the Acrobat reader on my ftp site as well for download for those
who dont have it.

To get there, open up your FTP client and log on anonymously to
fernblatt.dynip.com, find the
"PDF MANUALS PROJECT" directory, then the "390A" directory. You will need
all the files in
the 390A directory to use the manual in its current form, so get them all
and put them in a directory
of their own. I will have the whole shebang in one zip once I finish with
the project.
( Deadline: eventually - due to "real life" getting in the way of BA
funsies )

Acrobat Reader is in its own directory, "Acroread" if you need it.

If you are using your browser, go to ftp://fernblatt.dynip.com. I will
eventually put a link on
the mil list home page to this FTP site.

The R-390A manual project has become a monster, and am going to have to end
up distributing it
out on CD to those who don't wish to wait the many hours it will take to

Any questions or flames, gimme a holler.


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This is a non-comercial endeavor strictly for providing
info for those who have a need for it - and intertainment
for those who dont....

ANY and ALL Contributions Welcome.
 Tom Norris KA4RKT
 badger at telalink.net        Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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