Old solid state VHF marine rig

Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Sun May 10 20:25:56 EDT 1998

I recently acquired a  Standard Horizon Explorer II marine VHF FM
xcvr that I am going to try to modify for 2m  on the local repeater.

NOW I find that those rubber covers on
the front-panel are ACTUALLY push buttons for membrane switches and
this baby looks like it is actually synthesized on several channels,
hmmmm. Uses about 5 crystals total in there. Anyone have any
experience moving these jewels or other similar radios onto the 2m

The rocks are marked:

(These last two are in their own shielded compartment with trimmers,
varactors, a transistor and a coil/can)

Any idea what frequencies it covers NOW as-is?
Was it somehow programmable?
Anyone have any clues how to move this thing down?
I do have a manual on the way, so that might help!


Bry, AF4K / G3XLQ
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