The Proper Care and Storage of Vintage Radio Equipment

Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Tue May 12 16:40:58 EDT 1998

I think this is worth forwarding to this erudite group:
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             The Proper Care and Storage of Vintage Radio Equipment

Perhaps it would be more traditionally correct to serve the
legions of future restorers that will follow us, by storing them
as our forebears did: -  Heap them one atop the other, with the
plastic ones on the bottom, in the farthest corner of the barn,
just below where the swallows defecate. Dribble liberally with a
40/60 mix of mouse urine & cat urine; insure that it runs down
into the chassis and over the dials if possible. Insure that
there is plenty of ammonia vapor from nearby farm animals'
quarters.  Mix up a few shovelsful of fine sand, shredded bird
feathers and tree pollen in a wheelbarrow, and sprinkle
liberally over the pile, on a windy day with the doors open.
Insure that the space goes to -25F in winter & +125F in summer,
to insure all electrolytics are throughly wasted.  Chop off the
half of the line cords that have the original antique plugs
affixed, and leave the other half tangled between the sets in
the stack, so that when you move them every ten years they all
crash to the floor face-first. Pull out all large tubes that
have numbers like 71A, 7591A, WE-211, 6550, 2A3, 50, etc. &
leave them rolling around next to the pile, where you park the
lawn tractor; leave all others in the sets, but change their
locations.  Finally, stand a few feet back and flick a large
paintbrush dipped in white latex paint at the pile repeatedly -
this will discourage theft.

It is important that we preserve the fun of future generations,

                    Brian Gibbs
                   Neston, Corsham, Wiltshire
                    brian at

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