Help! Low audio on Johnson Ranger

Doug Hall kf4kl at IPASS.NET
Thu May 14 22:58:18 EDT 1998

Brian Carling <bry at> wrote:

>On 12 May 98 at 15:50, Doug wrote:
>> Used ones are hard to come by, but if you're willing to spend the
>> $$$ they're available new from Peter Dahl. 73, Doug, KF4KL
>Do you know what the prices are?
>One can sometimes pick up a Ranger for a very low price if they
>shop around.

Yes, once in a while you can find a good deal on a parts Ranger. But you're
still getting a 40 year old transformer which is likely to die the same
death as the one it's replacing. If long term reliability of the modulation
transformer is important, (ie. you want to be able to get long-winded on 40m
AM on Saturday afternoons) then the Peter Dahl route might be a good way to
go. As I implied before, however, they aren't cheap. A new replacement
modulation transformer for a Ranger I or II (they use the same transformer)
will set you back nearly $100. I can't remember what the driver transformer
costs - seems to me it's around $40 or $50. Note that there are numerous
mods that can be done to improve the audio quality on the Ranger, and one
fairly popular mod involves removing the driver transformer completely. Not
a solution if you want a completely stock Ranger, but completely stock
Rangers have only so-so audio quality, in my opinion.
Doug, KF4KL

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