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Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at AENEAS.NET
Mon May 18 05:32:27 EDT 1998

>>IF I have the Hartley done, I will haul it out in the boonies of North
>>Idaho to do what must be done.
>>Say, 304TLs weren't around in 1933, were they? I could  use a pair of
>>8000s, or 805s if they were.  I suppose if I am using 304s, that
>>disqualifys me, right?
>>Ken W7EKB
>Whoops .. I forgot the vintage date issue. I guess I will have to rename it
>the Glowbug Firebottle Field Day and use whatever VT gear you have. I guesI
>could rewire a '41 into my little 6L6 rig or some such to meet the date
>requirements, but I would have a lot more fun with the TCS. I might even be
>able to solar-power the TCS. That would be a first, I bet! Solar-powered
>What d'yall think? Anybody up to a GB/BA FD outing?
Yew dam betcha!  When?  All I need is the dates, some sort of idea as to
what rigs are legal to use, and what frequencies the BA/GBs are most likely
to inhabit!

Rod, N5HV
w5hvv at

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