"CX" frequencies change - get ready now!

Tue May 19 13:03:31 EDT 1998

Hi, Gang,

     Well, the world changes...  In 1975 when brother Stu K8SJ
put together the first Classic Radio Exchange (then Nostalgia
Exchange) to encourage y'all to repair, restore and operate the
older equipment, he pulled the suggsted frequencies out of the
air, with the consistency that the CW freqs were all the same
up from bottom end of the bands (60 kHz up at that time).

     Over the last few "CX's" we have seen the changes and how
they affect our attempts.  We are now getting foreign phone stuff,
and those idiot machines cruising up and down and zapping in any-
where they find an opening - even a momentary one.  We started shifting
last time, but need to do it more thoroughly as a result of what we
have learned - SO:

     Classic Radio Exchange frequencies (next "CX" is the last Sunday
in September) for CW will move to:

       3545, 7045, 14.045, 21.135, 28.180.  In general this shifts us
out of foreign phone traffic and the idiot machines, and on the higher
bands puts us into the Novice/Tech-plus area to help encourage those
guys, and to use the same crystal as you used on the 40 meter band
(3x and 4x that 7045).  Of course, always tune around those frequencies
for the contest, at LEAST Plus/minus 5 kHz.  Three xtals and you are
in business for 80 thru 10.

     Plenty of time to get them in before September - so have at it!
With very little personal experience on the phone frequencies I do not
know if we need to do anything with them.  Let me know if we do - and
suggestions for specifics.

     For the Committee,
       73,  Al  N5AIT
   modsteph at acs.eku.edu

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