Anyone Using AMECO AC-1 On The Air?

SCN User yir at SCN.ORG
Tue May 19 19:58:56 EDT 1998

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Freeberg, Scott (STP) wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> While I am preparing to put my AMECO AC-1 on the air (7040), I was
> wondering if there are others who are actively using them?  Did anyone
> actually use it as a Novice?  Did anyone build one?  Any comments on it?
> Any kits left?
> 73,
> Scott WA9WFA  Saint Paul Minn
> scott.freeberg at

Hi Scott,

The AC-1 was my first xmtr and my brother and I worked as kids installing
fence posts for a guy who paid us 15 cents per post installed. We had to
install 100 posts to get the $15 credit in exchange for the xmtr. We have
never forgot the work ethic ever since. We still have that little guy and
if that were not enough, I was not happy with all the holes we drilled
in the first one for all those improvement mods so I finally paid the
price for a mint one at todays prices. After all its my first xmtr and
sure stirs many a fond memories. I do use it now and then and its still

73  Pat  K7YIR

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