Anyone Using AMECO AC-1 On The Air?

Kargo kult Kargokult at AOL.COM
Tue May 19 22:49:26 EDT 1998

In a message dated 98-05-19 16:15:49 EDT,
scott.freeberg at GUIDANT.COM writes:

> While I am preparing to put my AMECO AC-1 on the air (7040), I was
> wondering if there are others who are actively using them?  Did
>  actually use it as a Novice?  Did anyone build one?  Any comments on it?

---you may be interested to know that Electronics Illustrated in a hamgear
article matched it with a Lafayette HE-30 / KT-320 as their Official
Selection of a hamstation in the $100 (total) range.  My friend's older
brother apparently accepted the wisdom of this recommendation, for this
was exactly the station he had, with a low antenna out to the chicken
shack. Later, when he uplicensed, he added a phonograph amplifier to
plate modulate the AC-1. Probably most folk today wouldn't do that, but
it worked, with no complaints.

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