Receivers for sale or ?????

Walter S Delesandri walt at JOVE.ACS.UNT.EDU
Sat May 30 14:05:20 EDT 1998

Nice Drake R-4B -- front panel and cabinet VERY nice -- some
(typical) pitting/discoloration on chassis -- not a rust bucket, tho!!
All tubes tested, replaced as necessary, some new caps (bias, audio
cathode) -- and aligned --Electrically 100% -- great, hot RX
price:$175 pickup, $195 shipped in 5-land, $200 other conus.

Atlas RX-110 receiver, 80-10, SSB/CW, tranceive with TX-110 or
mute with any TX, RARE, single conversion superhet with AGC even
better than DRAKE (blasphemy!) 2.4 six pole filter only, small,
cute, with STAINLESS STEEL!! top and bottom cover (reproduction)
110 ac or 12v DC -  perfect mate for tiny homebrew XMTRs
with documentation/schematic for both RX and TX (build your own
to tranceive--simple)  $40 pickup, $50 shipped CONUS  BTW-near
mint panel/chassis -- aligned, 100% electrically.

Also have original book in nice binder for R-4C, goes with
receiver ONLY!!!!!! (free)

take both RXs for $10 off.

Will take Heath HP23a or b, bug telegraph key, NICE HW 16/VFO
in trade (part, of course on R4-b).

73 and have a great weekend, Walt WB5LJW, Denton, Tx.
please email.

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