Dayton Bonanza

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at AENEAS.NET
Mon May 25 11:31:24 EDT 1998

Well, I've gone and done it!  Bought lots of coil stock, crystals,
air variables, and 2 watt resistors, so I am in good shape now to
start building things.

But, not only have I components, I purchased a National NC-57 in
restorable condition (I've already ordered new tubes for it); a
Harvey Wells TBS-50D in good to very good condx; and a mint set
of DX-60B and HG-10B!!!  Also picked up some other goodies like
the Heath Q-multiplier and the Heath AC-1 Antenna Tuner/Loader.

I think I am in for one whale of a lot of fun while waiting for
A51??, P51??, VU4??, 3Y1??, 7O1??, and BV9?? to come on the air!

Now, can anyone tell me when the DX-60 net meets?

Rod, N5HV
w5hvv at

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