List Admin...again...

Dave Kelley - AI7R ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Sun May 31 16:55:03 EDT 1998

I'm finding that some people can't post to the listserver at this time.  I
think there is a routing problem at either or where we are
connected.  I'll have our network weenies working on it first thing Monday
morning.  If you can't get the Tempe web site at it's a chance
you can't post now either.  I went in and rebooted everything I'm in control
of and nothing changed. I always say, "You can either be patient or become do
have the choice."

If anyone has an urgent post, like you have to sell a remote VFO so you can
send your kids to College, let me know. (just kidding the Collins list a
bit, no offense)

I hope once this is all fixed you won't have to hear from me...and I can go
back and play with the new tower and beam.

73 all....


For a positive presence known on the web...
Dave Kelley, AI7R

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