FS: Surplus items (updated list)

Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Sun Nov 1 12:55:15 EST 1998

For Sale:
(Add shipping costs to all prices)

BC-1033-B VHF receiver w/relay (needs 3 tubes)  $15.00

1981 ARRL Handbook, excellent condition    $15.00

Hallicrafters Manuals:
HT-46      $8.00 each   (1 repro only)
SX-146      $8.00 each   (1 repro only)

Naval Electronics HT Audio Booster model HTS-3 new, with
manual. Has auto tape recorder control, on/off switch, and runs
on either four $$ batteries or AC power pack $25.00

Military Surplus keyer, model F16-K-49161-1001.
Interesting boatanchor what's-it - Keyer/selector/amplifier
assembly, with eleven miniature tubes on a small chassis approx
6" X 9" x 3". Has Chicago Transformer output transformer Class
1A, some 400V capacitors. Tubes are types - OA2, 6AQ5 (2), 6AL5,
12AX7 and 12AU7. Most of the tubes are there... a couple are
missing. Looks like it was remote controlled.  Several
potentiometers, a lamp jack? (991) and switch etc. Approx 1955
vintage. Also has a storage tag mentioning 1961. $15

Hallicrafters HA-8 Splatter Guard modulation monitor
with copy of instructions. Needs simple pick-up added (3 parts)
for tapping RF line through SO-239 T-adapter. $40.00 (SOLD)

POWER ONE Power Supply Model HC5-6/OVP-A
5 Volts DC at 6 Amps. Heavy Duty construction.
Adjustable voltage and also adjustable current limit
controls.  Requires 100/120/200/230-240 V AC
Over-voltage protection. Less than 5 mV ripple.
0.3% stability or better. 0-50 degrees C.
Military spec construction. With connection data and
service data. List price $125.00
Will sell for $25.00

Two BAKELITE clock radios as follows:
(Great project radio!)
G.E. Model 535 (Uses the 12BA6, 35W4 tubes etc.)
Dark brown color.
Appearance good - untested - $10.00

G.E. Musaphonic, model 590 - with phono input etc.
Superheterodyne, uses 12AU6, 12AV6 tubes etc.
Dark brown color.
Appearance good - untested - $10.00 (SOLD)

BALLAST TUBE TYPE B (variable) Octal, black $5.00

Maxtor Hard disk drive model 7120AT Capacity 120 MB
In excellent condition. NOW ONLY $20.00

ST-225 MFM Hard Drive 20 Meg Now only $10.00
ST-251 RLL Hard Drive 30 Meg Now only $10.00
MFM Controller card with cable (Free with drive)

More books:
Television For Radiomen, by Ed Noll. 340 pages, illustrated
1962. Front cover torn a little but otherwise very good $6.00

TV SICK? Service your own TV, by Belmont TV Co.
33 pages, plus sale flyer, 1975 MINT $3.00

Kidd College text, 201 pages, excellent condition  $8.00

Printer A-B Switch - New, with standard 37-pin Centronics
Connectors. Nice beige metal mini-cabinet. $7.00 each (have two)

Serial A-B Switch - New, with standard 25-pin Connectors.
Nice beige metal mini-cabinet. $7.00

Rare vinyl records:
ENRICO CARUSO boxed set of FIVE double-sided RED SEAL
RCA Victor 45 rpm records number WCT11
'A Treasury of Immortal Performances" in mint condition.
L'Elisir D'Amore  +  La Gioconda  +  L'Africana  +  La Boheme La
Juive  +  Aida  +  Les Pecheurs de Perles  +  Carmen I Pagliacci
 +  Rigoletto Will sell for $20.00 plus shipping

Koss HP/3 Stereo "ear buds" brand new in package $3.00 each
(includes protective wind-up carrying case)

73 de AF4K / G3XLQ

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