RCA phono jacks on Heath gear

Jacob Worthington jworth at SCN.ORG
Mon Nov 2 00:50:15 EST 1998


FWIW, I have a big pile of QSLs.  Remember those?  Some of
my best DX was performed while using an SB-102 running
barefoot with...yes...RCA phono plugs!!

To put this in perspective, I also used a really nice KWM-2A
for awhile.  Lots of good DX but nothing approaching what I
gathered with the SB-102.

Now maybe if I had used Belden instead of Times coax....

Go figure!

Jacob,  AA4FM

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> Folks ...
>         I believe that we all know that the cost factor was the driving reason
> behind the installation of RCA jacks on amateur equipment, but were we
> really short changed by the installations of these connectors ?? That is
> the real question.
>         I believe we all have equipment approaching 40 years of age with RCA
> connectors on them that have been doing their job, with no problems, all
> this time. I have Drake, Collins and Heath and most of these connectors are
> still going strong. In a use where there is not

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