Help With Multi-Elmac AF-68 Grid Bias?

Tue Nov 3 13:53:34 EST 1998

        The "C" battery (correct one!) is a problem to find and it is likely
also to be
        I solved the problem with my AF-67 by adding a wire from the center
tap of the driver transformer to a spare pin on the power connector.  I then
used three
used 9 volt transistor radio batteries in series as the "bias" supply.  It works
great.  The batteries are taped to the power lead cable and are easy to get to
without tearing apart the transmitter.
        No current is drawn from the batteries (virtually none), so if you have
three batteries that read 7-8 volts on a common VOM they will work just fine!
I have been using the same set of run-down batteries for about a year now
and they are still going!

Sandy W5TVW

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