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Ron kc4yoy at TRELLIS.NET
Wed Nov 4 18:28:32 EST 1998

Hello Pete and Group,

Well since you asked I guess it's time to talk about the NEW
Antique Radio collector's e-mail reflector.
This reflector will be open to all collectors of Antique and
Vintage radios, Buying, Selling, Trading, looking for information,
What Ever is of interest to radio collectors is OK. The reflector is
called, antiquewirelessassociation at egroups.com
I know that's a long name but once it's in you address book it
doesn't matter. It is named after the AWA but is not directly
sponsored by the AWA. I am President of the Carolinas Chapter
of the Antique Wireless Association and have approval for using
the AWA name for the reflector. Right now the reflector is
moderated, I plan to change that soon
The Antique Wireless Association, the Carolinas Chapter of the
AWA, nor myself are responsible for any information gotten from
the reflector.

PLEASE, everyone that's interested in collecting radios feel free
to use this reflector. That's what we set it up for.

73, Ron Lawrence
kc4yoy at trellis.net

> From: H. W. Petersen <wy7z at juno.com>
> To: boatanchors at listserv.tempe.gov; baswaplist at foothill.net
> Subject: early radio reflector
> Date: Wednesday, November 04, 1998 03:17
> I would like to connect to a reflector of interest to collectors of early
> broadcast receivers. my collection is mostly from the inception of radio
> to the 1940's with brand names like Atwater Kent, Majestic, FADA,
> DeForest, etc. altho it includes enough BAs to moor a cruiser.
> If anyone can help me with such a reflector I'll be forever grateful.
> Pete Petersen
> (Please don't tell my wife about this request - she thinks 200 radios are
> enough.)

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