Help: Chassis rust prevention

Dave Hayes dhayes at IMPULSE.NET
Thu Nov 5 19:40:54 EST 1998

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998 11:46:04 -0800, Ian Webb <ian_webb at PACBELL.NET> wrote:

>I've finished cleaning off years of accumulated crud and rust on the
>steel chassis and other metal parts of an SX-62.  The chassis is
>relatively bright in some areas and liberally pitted with areas where
>I've removed rust.
>What is the suggested method of preventing future rust on the metal
>I've thought of wiping the surface with a light coat of kerosene or
>similar then vigorous drying of the area with clean rags to leave only a
>slight oil coat on the surface.  This seems however to be something that
>would attract dirt and grime. Maybe there's a better way???
>Any suggestions?
>Ian, K6SDE

Just a thought, but.... electroless nickel might fill the bill here.
Bright, decorative, etc. Search at for +electroless

Or, take a look at for some applications information.

Anybody out there have experience with this stuff?

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