List Admin - Reminder - READ!

Sat Nov 7 22:49:43 EST 1998

Greetings fellow list users.

There are a few rules I'm starting to see broken repeatedly, so it's time
for a nudge to remind everyone how life on a list server is supposed to be.

Do NOT post off topic items.  Think about the people who have subscribed and
make sure that what you have to post is about the list topic.  Solid state
stuff on the BA list is not correct.  Just as a BA wouldn't be welcome on a
solid state list.  The first step in sorting interests is to subscribe to
lists for particular interests....and we should all expect to find only
those types of things on the list.  Stay on topic or get off the list.  Easy
choice.  If I notice one of those people who don't think the rules are for
them....I'll remove them from the list.  No kidding, I can do that and have.
Yet another easy choice...still the users choice really.

And another thing to remember.  REPLY and REPLY ALL are very different.
Posts that say "Your right" or "I agree" sent to 600+ users is one of two
things...a mistake or total inconsideration for those who have to weed
through all of their messages as it is.  Don't do this and you'll be a
better person for it....and you'll get less bitching from me.

It hasn't been to bad, but I thought I'd do a little reminder before it got
that way.

Just remember the power of sending a single message and 600 of your fellow
subscribers see it....and like a famous saying goes; "Stupid is, as stupid
does" and here you display it before the world.  Think!!  Then post! (or

I'm not looking for comments or public posts...just read this and adjust
your habits if needed.


Dave Kelley, AI7R

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