Meter needs

Robert Stone bobmoe at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Nov 8 09:46:26 EST 1998

        I am looking for 1.5" military style meters. I need 100UA FS, 100UA
Zero center, 200UA and 500UA meters of this form factor. To obtain a pair of
AN/TRC-117's for my collection I had to buy 31 of them. While the multiplex
gear is vintage SS the pair of AN/GRC-50 radios are 100% boat anchors with a
lot a glowing filaments and a packaged weight of 468LB. As usual the
military removed the meters for demil and I have 62 transceivers that are
meter less. Strangely, the DRMO removed the harmless meters but left the two
spare tube kits in each shelter with all the radioactive and beryllium oxide
containing tubes in them.  As these transceiver have the HI BAND 1.25 - 1.8
Ghz drawers in them, any leads on the LOW BAND 600 - 1 Ghz drawers would
also be of interest. Also as the shelters are 8' x 8' x 12' they are taking
up an acre of land to store. Anyone in New England interested in purchasing
one or more please email privately. They are aluminum, insulated, wired and
make a great tower site building  or outside ham shack.


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