Help: Chassis rust prevention

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Sun Nov 8 10:34:54 EST 1998

I also have become concerned about being too clean.  In the past year or 2,
I've cleaned up a number of chassis, some of which have found new homes,
some are still being enjoyed here.  I have found that after "good cleaning"
followed by "good rinsing", several months later there is often a light
dusty corrosion apearance.  I have even used distilled water as the rinse,
this may even accelerate the dustiness.
        The chassis that have a buildup (b4 starting) of slightly greasy, dusty
stuff, even nicotine, do come clean fairly easily, and this may be at least
partially due to an original coating of an oil during manufacture, perhaps
from the metalworking process, or maybe intentionally provided after cleaning.
        I  have pretty well decided that it's a good idea to put a light coating
of a mineral oil product on steel chassis.  I do this with a small swab,
with GC De-Ox-Id (not Deoxit), a mixture of kerosene, refined mineral oil &
perchloroethylene.  This stuff was available in parts stores only 2-3 yrs
ago.  Perhaps just mineral spirits would be sufficient.
        Do any of our chemist-types have any thoughts on this?  I know ventilation
is recommended with perch-- in any quantity.  (this mix is kinda smelly)


>Ian Webb <ian_webb at PACBELL.NET> wrote:
>>What is the suggested method of preventing future rust on the metal
>>I've thought of wiping the surface with a light coat of kerosene or
>>similar then vigorous drying of the area with clean rags to leave only a
>>slight oil coat on the surface.  This seems however to be something that
>>would attract dirt and grime. Maybe there's a better way???
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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