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Robert Stone bobmoe at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Nov 12 09:39:00 EST 1998

        I was the successful bidder for 31 sets of AN/TRC-117 microwave
radio sets. These units use a pair of the AN/GRC-50 radio set which is an
all tube unit and believe me you can anchor a boat with these things. While
most are clean units, when equipment goes to the DRMO's it is not taken care
of at all and a number of the radios have been exposed to moisture. Nobody
bothered to close the doors on the shelters and the rain collected in pools
in the floor. The inside of the radios are conformal coated and like new.
The outside has mild corrosion on the knobs and screws, that I can deal
with. The cables are the problem and have a light film of mold on the rubber
coating and connector dielectric. Does anyone have the magic solution for
removing mold from boat anchor cabling and connectors. Anything used has to
rinses out with distilled water as these cables carry up to +500V and any
chemical residue would probably cause leakage.

        We have fired up a pair of these units and after fooling them down
into 1296 Mhz made an across the shop contact using the order wire circuit.
20 Watts out, not to bad for a tube radio in that frequency range. I am in
search of the 600 - 999.9 Mhz plugs for these radios so I can use them on
902 - 928 as well. I have been told there is a not extremely difficult
modification that takes the HI BAND plug in  units to the 2.4 Ghz ham band.
Anyone have any information on that?


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