RT-834/GRC-106A needed

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Tue Nov 17 08:48:17 EST 1998

Just fishing right now. Looking to see what the going
price is on one of these beasts. I have an RT-662, but
was wondering about "upgrading" and was especially
wondeirng if prices out in hamdom were less than Murphy
or Fair Radio prices. ( Fair wants $345/$495 for as-is/chkd )

Now I AM NOT knocking Fair Radio, am a satisfied customer
of MANY years, nor am I giving Mike Murphy a hard time either.
Just fishing for prices. May end up driving to Dayton and getting
one from them...

Now to get my AM3349 working again. Darned power supply failed
on me and fried the sand-chunks that drove the HV supply. Darned
pesky germaniums doo doo...... heehee. Trivia: these are still available
NEW locally for only about $100 each !!!!!! Fair Radio to the rescue!
I have a front panel/PS on the way, and very affordable.

73 and thanks


[Who questions his sanity sometimes. I could buy a nice used TS-50
for what I have in this GRC-106 so far, and it would even fit under the
dash of my car and not require hearing protection during use and
require a truss when carrying it. But it would not be NEARLY as fun
to use , and it don't have no tubes!]

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