SX-111 Mark 1 info

Sun Nov 22 11:09:00 EST 1998

I recently acquired an SX-111 in excellent condition and am busily testing and
realigning it. I downloaded a copy of the manual for the SX-111 - and have
found an immediate discrepancy.  Mine has an extra tube, and the tube lineup
is not the same - there are 2 6BY6 and no 6CB6 - and C69 electrolytic cap is
below chassis.

I notice the chassis is stamped "Mark 1".  Could someone explain the difference
to me (I know they added a product detector), and maybe direct me to where I
could find a correct manual?

Having pulled all the tubes for testing, I now have two unknowns - what goes in
the socket where C69 used to be, and what did they replace the 6CB6 (V3) with?
I have two tubes left after testing (6BY6 and 6BZ6), two empty sockets left,
and don't know which tube goes in which socket.

Thanks for the help.

Al - K8EUR

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