A question never seen addressed

Grant Youngman nq5t at GTE.NET
Tue Nov 24 11:10:12 EST 1998

> Solid-State rigs require no tuning of the Driver nor the Final.

> Why couldn't tube rigs have been designed so as to be as
> convenient to use as S-S turned-out to be?

As someone else pointed out, there were no-tune tube radios

But you're also missing a big part of the point.  The typical pi net
final in a hollow state radio has a much wider impedance matching
range than the typical SS fixed 50 ohm output network.  Even the
"auto" tuner add-on in your favorite SS radio has an extremely
limited matching range.

A Johnson Ranger, for example, will load anything from a really long
wire to a bedspring.  To do the same with an SS rig with its fixed 50
ohm output network, requires an external matching network.  Think
of a tube radio as simply having a manual antenna tuner built in.
With your SS radio, you either live with power output fold back or
you fiddle with some antenna tuner made by Mighty Fine Junk.

A little practice (maybe 5 minutes worth) and just about any pi-net or
link coupled output stage can be tuned and properly loaded a
lot faster than you can twiddle that external tuner.


Grant Youngman -- NQ5T
nq5t at gte.net
Double Oak, TX (near Dallas)

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