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  There is another reason why the outputs were tuned.
If the impedances are quite different, is much easier to
match impedances using a resonant circuit than to use
a transformer. Try making a broadband transformer
to match 4Kohms to 50 ohms. It is not so easy.
  The resonant circuit acts as an RF energy storage
device allowing equilibrium to be reached between the
power going into it at HI-z and the power exiting it
at a much lower z. The amount of  energy stored in the
tuned circuit is a function of its Q.
  Ever noticed when trying to match a antenna with
an z far from 50 ohms the tuning is more selective.
That is because the Q of the system is very high
to achieve that impedance match.

Bill wa4lav

At 09:50 AM 11/24/98 -1000, you wrote:
>On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, Allen, KJ6XH wrote:
>> Solid-State rigs require no tuning of the Driver nor the Final.
>> Just select Band and dial in Frequency.
>I favor the opposite view. I find it a shame that SS xcvrs don't
>have the tuning controls which are incorporated into our BA rigs.
>The tuning you find on the BA gear should be thought of as a
>built-in antenna tuner - pretty handy having it right in the rig
>itself! You can load up anything from a bed frame to a loooooong
>Jeff KH6OO
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