VF-1 vs HF-10 - three more replies

Bill Meara wmeara at EROLS.COM
Wed Nov 25 08:45:25 EST 1998

Jeff:  Oops back at ya!  I meant to say that the VF-1 is the VFO circuit out
of the DX-100.  I also should have mentioned that mine was a real mess when
I picked it up at a 'fest. It was so bad that I decided to gut it and to a
complete rebuild.   I tied evething down very well and used a few more
terminal strips than Heath did. I'm very happy with the results.  I think
some guys built filament supplies into the VF-1 cabinet to keep it cooking
all the time.   BTW: I think the VF-1 manual mentions the possibility of
using higher harmonics to work 6 and 2 meters.  Given the less than stellar
stability on the low bands... well, like they say, you might not want to try
this at home!

73   Bill N2CQR

At 03:53 PM 11/24/98 -1000, you wrote:
>Oops - I left out the three replies I received from this list:
>The VF-1 covers 11 meters and has no built-in PS, the HG-10 doesn't cover
>11 meters and has the built-in power supply.  I'm sure there are some
>circuitry changes but I don't have the respective manuals with me at work.
>They both drift, the HG-10 less than the VF-1. I still have my VF-1 and
>still use it with my Eico 723.  I prefer the '50s styling of the VF-1.
>Rick kf4ar
>Jeff:  No experience with the HG-10, but the VF-1 is set up to work with the
>cathode keying schemes of the DX-35, DX-40 type rigs.   I'm using my VF-1
>with a grid block keyed DX-60B.  Not a problem getting it to work on phone;
>some more in the way of mods may be needed for CW operation.
>I like the VF-1.  It is essentially the VFO circuit of a DX-60.  Mine
>settles down very well after ten minutes or so.  Green frequency display
>dial looks cool. VF-1 covers 160.  I think the HG-10 doesn't go down to
>top band. 73 de N2CQR
>HG 10 is the latter.  I have both.  The HG 10 is miles ahead.  Sparks
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