Interesting item on eBay web site item#45008097: ** Very Rare Collins 62S-1 VHF Converter**

Adam McLaughlin kd6poc at JPS.NET
Fri Nov 27 21:52:32 EST 1998

I thought we agreed that no one would spam the list with Ebay postings?


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>Guys...Did  not  want to put this  out  on  the  list to  highest  bidder
so  placed it  with  E Bay...
>Nice  rig  and  73's   Bob
>Title of item:  ** Very Rare Collins 62S-1 VHF Converter**
>Seller: soundimp at
>Starts: 11/26/98 19:12:17 PST
>Ends:   12/01/98 19:12:17 PST
>Price:  Currently $1000.00
>To bid the item, go to:
>Item Description:
>        Now is your chance to own this prize piece of highly collectable
Collins amateur radio equipment.  Developed in 1963 to meet the needs of an
emerging market in VHF/UHF single sideband, the 62S-1 sold poorly.  Almost
40 years later, however, because of their scarcity, they are one of the
most sought-after pieces of S-line gear.
>The 62S-1 is a transverter which is connected to any S-line transmitter
and receiver tuned to the 14 mc. band for operation on 2 or 6 meters.
Output is CW or sideband but can be used with an external AM exciter.
Nominal output of the rig is 65 watts, PEP, into a 50-ohm load.
>This specimen is in very good condition. The inside chassis is absolutely
dirt- and grime-free with no obvious modifications.  All tubes are in
place.  The rig is in its proper cabinet, and the cabinet condition is very
good.  The trim ring has a small divot on the top lefthand corner, but can
be easily touched up.  The front panel is good with only a few minor
blemishes.  All lettering is clear, readable and not worn.  The tuning knob
aluminum insert could be replaced.
>Unit comes with original manual (blue cover, 3rd edition), AC power cord
and high voltage adapter cable.
>Successful bidder agrees to pay packing, shipping and insurance charges.
>        Visit eBay, the world's largest Personal Trading Community at
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