FS/FT: 51S-1 AC supply

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Sat Nov 28 20:29:32 EST 1998

I have a very nicely made AC supply for the Collins 51S-1.  I designed
and made it many years ago and used it for a few years in my 28VDC 51S-1
before I found an original Collins AC supply for it.  It is ready to
drop into the space that the DC supply comes out of.

If you have a 28VDC 51S-1 that you'd like to use as an AC power
receiver, this will work very well.

(Conversely, I also have the 28VDC supply that came out of my 51S-1
which I long ago sold so if you're interested in that let me know!)

I realize that it's annoying to post something without a firm price but
this is a unique item with no way to know its value.  But, hey, you'd
have a hard time finding some of the transformers these days!

I have no idea if anybody is even interested in this and would be glad
to consider an interesting trade.  I'm particularly interested right now
in a 32S-1,2,3 parts unit or another S-line parts unit but I'd consider
other gear.

For you to really know what this looks like and what it is, I have some
pictures and the schematic at:

 51S-1 Power Supply


Ian, K6SDE

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