Capacitor choices for re-capping BA's

peter, sr. a. wokoun petesr at JUNO.COM
Fri Oct 2 03:02:39 EDT 1998

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998 14:24:33 -0400 Dennis Gibbs <dgibbs at Rational.Com>
>Hello everyone,
>I'm about to begin electrical restoration of an RCA AR-88LF receiver.
>This will include a complete Re-capping and installation of new
>Can someone tell me which of the following capacitors would be best

>1) SBE Orange Drop Type 715P Polypropylene Film
>2) SBE Orange Drop Type PS Polyester Film
>3) SBE Orange Drop Type 716P High Performance Polypropylene Film
>4) WIMA MKP4 metalized Polypropylene
>5) WIMA MKP10 High Reliability Polypropylene
>6) NTE MLR Series Mylar/Polyester Film

   I use the NTEs to replace all those paper ones, wax, brown plastic,
black plastic & whatever.  I go with the 630 volt ones for everything.  I
find they're smaller and less expensive (locally)  than the well liked
'orange drops'.  Never have had a problem with them yet.

> Also, the WIMA capacitors have a wider temperature
>range than
>the SBE series (up to 100 degrees C vs up to 85 degrees C).

I hope your anchors ain't getting up there that hot!

> In addition the
>WIMA capacitors have a tighter tolerance (5% vs. 10%) than the SBE

The paper ones you're replacing are probably +/-20%.

>Finally, for my bonus question: Is it OK to use NTE metal resistors
>replacement of out of tolerance resistors, even in the RF and IF

I prefer the carbon composition ones for my boatanchors & save the metal
ones for my transistor/IC projects.

good luck, pete  KH6GRT

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