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Sat Oct 3 00:17:01 EDT 1998

Greetings list guests...

First, things are flowing again as you know.  The archives are not viewable
yet, but they are still building as far as I can see.  Once I get it fixed
you'll be able to view them again on the web...and I'll post a notice about
that when it's back.

I've noticed a tendency of some to post a BUNCH of messages when they have
more than one thing to sell.  No, that's not how it's done.  If you have
something to sell, you put it in a single message and send it.  Remember the
subscribers and all the e-mail they get.  And, the extra workload of the
server having to make 2,3,4,5, and 6 times the deliveries just to bring
attention to someone with a bunch of stuff for sale.  Don't.

Stay on topic.  I'll be harping on this until the last person on the planet
is finally on the net and understands how it works.  If you are new, you
need to know that off topic posts is a very bad thing.  It's offensive no
matter how you put it.  Stating "this is off topic but..." doesn't get you
off the's still offensive and don't do it.  If you have a
personal comment for someone in reply to their post...send it
personally...not to a list full of people who really don't care.  Of course,
if it's an answer to an on topic question the answer is probably a good
thing to post.  It's really simple - think before hitting that 'send'

Okay...back to having fun with tube stuff.   I hate to sound like a grouch,
but then again, nobody likes the umpire so I can't win. (grin)   I'm back to
work on the 43 other things that didn't work when we moved to the new
server....wish me luck...but not publicly on the list of course. (grin)

Dave, AI7R

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