patden patden at BCINTERNET.NET
Thu Oct 8 15:42:37 EDT 1998

Hello people,

I have for sale  Collins sales
catalogues from 1964, 1967,1975.
Also the brochure on the KWM380.
The 380 brochure has the staples removed
from it.
The 1967 catalogue is the Canadian prices out
of Toronto,Ont. No pics in this one.
All the catalogues are in very good condition.
Excellent pictures inside.
Some writing inside, but no tears or ripped pages.

I'm open for OFFERS on these items.

I also have the first 50 years the history of Collins
Radios ,Soft cover good condition. Offers.

I have the complete story of Big talk B-52 Bomber
and tons of information on the KWS-1 / 75A4
in one binder 200 pages +and a list of 1100
Mechanical Filters will be part of this package.
This is photo-copied and done very nicely,also in a
binder. Also Quite heavy .
If  I'm not offered a fair price for these items they
will be auctioned off on E-Bay.

All prices in U.S. Dollars Buyer pays shipping.
Thanks for reading  Dennis  VE7-DH
ve7dh at qsl.net
Patden at bcinternet.net

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