Need GE Prog-Line Amplifier Information.....

Joseph Cro Yardleyite at AOL.COM
Fri Oct 9 16:38:47 EDT 1998

Hello Fellow Boatanchorists,
                                         I just acquired a beautiful 6' rack
mount low band(47MHZ to 54MHZ) Prog-Line station with mounted amplifier. The
amp has a single 4CX250 with a blower attached and the four meter set on top
of the cabinet.
It's been sitting for a long time and I plan to use the upmost in care before
I power things up (especially the AMP!).The TX has 2 ea. 6146's in the final
for about 90 watts output. Unfortunately, I don't have a manual to the amp
(model 4EF4A3). Would anyone know the drive requirements for the amp? I've
been told it's AB1 and will drive to full output with only 10 watts. If so,
then does the 90 watt TX go through an attenuator? I can't find any on the
If anyone knows the drive requirements and power output for this amp I'd be
most appreciative.The amp power supply and caps are Bodacious!!
Thank You for reading this message.
    Joe Cro N3IBX

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