Your $35 bank check

William Lockwood lockw at DSUPER.NET
Mon Oct 12 15:40:16 EDT 1998

Bry, I have been away from the computer for the last few days, hence no
reply. I have a life besides the computer. I'm posting this to the lists to
clear my reputation which you are trying to tarnish.

First of all, the instruments I sent you were not cheques but money orders.
Once issued they can not be cancelled by me.

Secondly, as you will recall I sent you a money order for the $35 agreed
upon which you said you never received. I then went to the bank to procure a
replacement which I sent and you apparently deposited. The bank also put a
stop payment on the first money order. A few days later I received the tubes.

Now, the only thing I can see happened was: The first money order showed up
and you deposited it as well as the replacement, or the bank made a mistake
and refused the wrong money order, which is very unlikely as it had a
different number from the original.

Final point. My email address is not cancelled as you can see. You must have
typed the wrong address in your rage at someone trying to scam  you for six
lousy tubes and then leaving town.


At 09:11 PM 10/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Bill,
>Please be advised that your check failed to clear for the $35
>that you sent, drawn on the Bank of Montreal. (For the 12AX7 and
>12AU7 tubes I sent to you)
>We need to discuss this I think.
>Regards - Brian Carling

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