William Lockwood

William Lockwood lockw at DSUPER.NET
Mon Oct 12 20:56:28 EDT 1998

Bry, this is the last message on the subject.

Let me see if I can explain the circumstances.
I sent you a money order for $35 on May 12th, which you claim never reached
you. After a reasonable period of time (2 Weeks) I went to the bank and told
them that the May 12th money order was lost and would they issue a
replacement, which they did on June 3rd. They also put a stop payment on the
original. All standard procedure.  I mailed the replacement to you on June
3rd. This one was received by you and cashed wereupon you sent the tubes.
They were received by me a few days later. All this happened in the first
weeks of June.

The rest is speculation on my part. The lost original money order came to
light about a month ago, you deposited the item and the bank promply refused
to honor it as a replacement had been issued and cashed.

What I will do, is go to the bank tomorrow to ask them for a photo copies of
front and back of the two money orders, which will confirm the signatures of
the depositors.

Will let you know the outcome.


At 07:55 PM 10/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Let me say that there has been some misunderstanding. I have been sent
>many many e-mails from folks who have had good delaings with William
>Apparently he was away on vacation, and there was a misunderstanding
>with the banks on my part. If I kept better records I could explain
>what happened, but it looks like the first money order he sent was
>cashed by someone - either me or someone who got hold of it.
>I chatted with Mr Lockwood this evening, and he explained that the
>first money order had been cashed and that is why the bank stopped
>payment on the second one. I don't know for sure but I don't think I
>ever got the first one. However, I do NOT think Mr. Lockwood did
>anything wrong nor would he.
>If I have in any way cast any shadow on his reputation by my remarks I
>apologize to him. It is not worth $35 to me if there is any doubt that
>the mistake could have occurred somewhere else in the process. If I
>cashed the first money order, then I don't remember doing so, nor do I
>have any record of it, but it could have happened. I can tell an
>honorable man when I talk to one, and especially when so many other
>people write to attest to his good character.
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