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Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Tue Oct 13 10:10:06 EDT 1998

Well, there's a reflector specifically for discussing computers 10 years
old and older (not younger!) It's called ClassicComp and can be subscribed
to thusly:

Send email msg to this address:   listproc at

and put in the body of the msg:  SUBSCRIBE CLASSICCMP <your email address>

Here's a bit of the introductory FAQ:

CLASSICCMP - The "Classic Computers" Discussion List

NAQ (Never Asked Questions) 0.1

What is it?

This list is for the discussion of Classic Computers -
primarily for those people who collect and restore
old machines.  It is brand new - no subscribers yet
so sign up.  The collection and restoration of computers
is becoming a big enough hobby that I felt a need for
a place to talk about it.
         [Note: This was new over a year ago :)   -Chris]

What is a classic computer?

Well that's hard to say but since I created the list I'll
do it anyway.  A classic computer is a machine that has not
been produced for 10 years or more.  It's an arbitrary
definition but at least uncomplicated.

What are the guidelines?

The list is designed for discussion of collecting, restoring,
and maintaining old computers.  I'm not going to be heavy
handed with restricting discussion.  I'd just like it to be
clear that the list is not the proper place for discussion
of technical problems with the standard PCs and Macs (other
than the really old stuff).  Anyone can lurk - if you're
going to post, just use your own good judgement.

This IS NOT and will NEVER BE a list for discussion of "which
computer is best?" and anyone who posts the ubiquitous "why
don't you just go buy a PC you moron" will be immediately

Beyond this - have fun!  That what keeps us going with these
old machines.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribing to this list is slightly more challenging than
most.  Read the instructions below.

1. Send a message to listproc at with the line

        subscribe CLASSICCMP your-address

in the body of the message.

At 18:38 10/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I realize this is not the proper Reflector but was hoping somebody could
>help me.  I am trying to find some parts for my old 8088 and 80286 computers
>and I am looking for a reflector that covers computers like the boat anchors
>reflector.  CaN anybody assist me or tell me where to sign up for a computer
>(IBM) reflector, also desperably need a old keyboard for a Radio Shack
>computer. Small plug like the PS2 keyboards but nothing works except another
>Radio Shack keyboard.  Thanks for any assistance.

The ClassicCmp list is rather active, averages around 50 to 75 msgs per
day, sometimes more. Lurk for awhile to gauge the characters. Some are
rather interesting. Stay close to the topic, freewheeling sometimes gets
complaints. After a bit, post a msg asking for help.

Archives can be dredged up at

The FAQ is at

I'm an old computer nut who prefers the old 'big iron' machines from IBM,
DEC, etc. and not so much those garden variety home computers (Tandy,
Commodore 64, Atari, etc.) though my first love is old radios and likely
never will change.

Have fun!

Regards,  Chris
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Christian Fandt,         Electronic/Electrical Historian
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Member of Antique Wireless Association

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