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Thu Oct 15 13:24:53 EDT 1998

Hi guys...

Well, some of you may have just seem the spam message.  One of our
subscribers went to a web site that had a 'tell your friends' page and he
placed ALL of the Tempe list addresses in it, and it proceeded to send a
message to all the lists using HIS e-mail address to get by our security.

Anyone doing this will be removed from all Tempe lists and will not be
allowed to resubscribe under the same e-mail address.   Simply, he just gave
the spam system his e-mail address and the address to all the lists, and
from this point on it could send any mail to the list it wants.  So, he's

Don't let this happen to you.  NEVER put your e-mail address and Tempe list
addresses on any web page requesting such info.

Thanks for your attention...and sorry to see yet another way to spam
introduced.  With your help, it won't happen again.


List Admin
City of Tempe

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