More on the GRC-106 project, Part II, the Cannibalistic Amp Turrent

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Sat Oct 17 22:22:59 EDT 1998

Have made some progress. Thanks for the help from Dave and Steve
and the Bob and the rest. So far here is what I have discovered I will
need to proceed with the AM-3349 amp:

 - An airflow sensor. The one on the amp is indeed bad.

( BUT more importantly: )

 - A turrent assembly, or at least a working turrent base.

Yea, ouch. Apparently the depot or whoever had not tightened
the base assembly completely, and it has eaten its own switch
wafers. I attempted to straighten them out the best I could, and
none of the actual wafers or switch contacts were actually
BROKEN, the majority of the switch contacts were bent.
The turrent easily could be lifted a quarter inch or so between
the loose screws in the base and the play in the bearing.
The turrent itself seems to be fine, and the contacts on the amp
chassis are fine.

After bypassing the airflow sensor, and partially unscrewing the
turrent base switch, I almost got the thing to fire up. The turrent
never did quite align properly, and the amp would switch on its
B+ for a half second or so. I am making SOME progress.

All in all, the rest of the amp appears to be fine. At least apparently
so, as I have not gotten any power out of it yet but have confirmed
I at least have voltages.

For trivia's sake, the amp is a 1967 contract, last overhauled in
1989 at SAAD Depot. Darned thing is full of sand too....

Thanks for any help, guys.

Tom Norris


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