FYI: Manual titles for the R-39x family, incl GRC-19 set.

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Sun Oct 18 14:20:38 EDT 1998

Here is a R-390 family manual listing for those
wanting to know what manuals go to what.
Reference: DA PAM 25-30 June 1996 - at that
time all the manuals below wer in print.


Operators               TM 11-5820-357-10
Org maint               TM 11-5820-357-20
Depot Maint             TM 11-5820-357-35
DS/GS maint             TM 11-5820-357-20P
DS/GS/Parts/Tools       TM 11-5820-357-34P


Operators               TM 11-5820-358-10
Org maint               TM 11-5820-358-20
Depot Maint             TM 11-5820-358-35
DS/GS maint             TM 11-5820-358-20P
DS/GS/Parts/Tools       TM 11-5820-358-34P


Operators               TM 11-5820-334-10
Org maint               TM 11-5820-334-20
Depot Maint             TM 11-5820-334-35
DS/GS maint             TM 11-5820-334-20P
DS/GS/Parts/Tools       TM 11-5820-334-34P

For those of you with a T-195 to go with your R-392, the
manuals you need are, in addition to the R-392 manual:

T-195 and T-195B:

Operators               TM 11-5820-335-10
Org maint               TM 11-5820-335-20
Depot Maint             TM 11-5820-335-35
OM Parts/Tools          TM 11-5820-335-20P
DS/GS/Parts/Tools       TM 11-5820-335-35P

GRC-19 system manual

Operators               TM 11-5820-295-10
Org maint               TM 11-5820-295-20
Depot Maint             TM 11-5820-295-35
OM Parts/Tools          TM 11-5820-295-20P
DS/GS/Parts/Tools       TM 11-5820-295-35P

The most useful of the bunch are the -35 manuals, with the
-10 being the next in line. Others can comment on the usefulnes
of the other manuals.

Most of the -10 and -35 manuals are still in print, and are available
new from NTIS at 800-553-6847. The quality of the new manuals is
*NOT* the good quality of the older printings, though and while up to date
with the latest changes, the photos leave a lot to be desired. And while
they are not expensive, they are not cheap. I bought an R-392 manual
this summer, and it was around $37 or so ( I forget exactly )

Aso, be warned, that you must give them the correct TM number, or
the sales person will have no idea what you are talking about. They
do have a "research" person that can look it up, probably using a
database similar to the 25-30 if all else fails.

For those wanting new R-390A -35 manuals, ABEN has them, original
1961 printings. That is what I scanned my pdf files from. Good quality
stuff, unseen in current Army publications. They take all major credit
cards as well. :-)

I seem to have lost his address, is it aben at I have an older
address of avidov at, but it is an older address....



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