Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Thu Oct 22 08:54:16 EDT 1998

This is a pretty sad case.......

Someone took this Collins 51S-1 WE receiver and performed an irreversable
modification - removing the rejection tuning circuitry and adding a tunable
BFO.  He also removed the RCA jacks on the rear apron and replaced it with
a terminal strip.  The meter switch also has been re-wired for another
function.  There is a miniature toggle switch neatly mounted in the panel
where the winged emblem goes that is a switchable AGC.   Why this was done
is totally beyond me.  The workmanship is, however, of the highest quality
- very surprising!  I can only guess that it may have been done to
customize the radio for a particular purpose unknown to me.  I surmise that
it may have been done to enhance and improve the CW reception capabilities
of this fine receiver.

More hacks:  The meter is not the original but a nice Simpson modern face
meter that fits perfectly into the panel hole.  Original meters are
available from SSN for around $90.00.  There is no cabinet and the trim
ring is pretty rough.  The front panel has two wear spots near the ON/OFF
switch but otherwise the front panel is okay.  Finally the "51S-1" tag on
the front escutcheon is missing.
There is an original manual of sorts but it has been badly marked up,
probably by the person who modified this radio.  I will also include a
photocopy of the original 51S-1 manual.

Electrically it seems fine.  The chassis is quite clean.

I am asking $750.00 plus UPS for this radio.  If interested please reply by


Michael Crestohl, W1RC
mc at sover.net

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