Items for sale.

Mon Oct 26 13:38:58 EST 1998

 Hammarlund HQ 140X in working condition. Cabinet recently painted. Front panel good.Interior need s cleaning.
 With a speaker enclosure and 8"speaker. (possibly a Bud enclosure) With small manual. $150 US.

 Heath HO10 scope. Nice condition. With manual  $55.US

 Heath DX 40 Good panel except the mike jack has been moved to front(neatly). Crystal door missing. 3 crystals installed.
 No manual  $35.US

 Modulation transformer. Hammond #31174. This is  a high power unit. Used 810's as modulator tubes.(modulated pr 4-250's)
 This is available for the cost of shipping and crating. Approx wieght is 50-60 lbs.If you are contemplating high power AM  I would be glad to contribute this transformer.
Shipping/packaging extra on the above.

 73 es thanks for read.   Lorne VE7BOX
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