A better keyboard -- not just Spell Checkers and posts.

Barry Anderson banderso at ENI.NET
Thu Sep 3 10:01:18 EDT 1998

At 06:41 AM 9/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Even good spellers and typists have difficulty with the mushy, cheapo
>keyboards furnished with modern computers, even the expensive ones. If you
>want a good keyboard, go to your local computer surplus shop and buy an
>older, genuine IBM keyboard. There is nothing on the market today that can
>match it! If you can't find one and want one let me know. My surplus dealer
>has a stack of them and I'll send you one for $15 plus shipping (weigh 6lbs
>-- much heavier than the cheapos). Don't buy a new IBM keyboard, they are
>now cheapos too. Check it out you'll do yourself a favor. Immediately your
>fingers will find the keys just where they expect them to be and with a
>nice firm and responsive touch.
>     -- Wayne G.
>        ASA Project; PO Box 553; Chehalis, WA 98532
>        wwg at myhome.net
Wayne ...

        No doubt about it. I have an IBM keyboard here, at home and I can type up
to 10  WPM faster in it than the newer keyboards. I have 3 more in my
closet ... just in case ...


Barry Anderson K3SUI
Frederick, MD
banderso at eni.net

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