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Will White wcw at ASU.USWEST.NET
Thu Sep 3 22:22:52 EDT 1998

    As part of a Master's thesis in English literature, I am  compiling
a bibliography of novels, plays, short stories, and poems in which radio
communications (not MW or FM broadcast, though HF SWL is acceptable)
figures prominently. By this I mean that the use of ham, military, and
commercial long-range two-way radios is an important part of the plot or
main idea. It doesn't have to be the central point, but just prominent
rather than incidental.

Please tell me of any titles you know of, either recent or long ago. I
am interested in all aspects of radio, but invention, early experiments,
CW operation, and use of tube equipment particularly. I know that a
number of spy/intrigue/adventure novels have been written specifically
for a ham audience, and I want to know about those too, but am more
interested in what  is considered serious literature (man, am I going to
get flak for saying that! ).

So, email me your radio reading list! Please include as much information
as you can: author, title, publisher, year of publication, place of
publication, and ISBN if available. When I get a respectable list, and
check all the info, I will be posting the bibliography to newsgroups,
and if you want an email copy, let me know in your response. Thanks, 73
Will White, KD7BFX

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