fs: sbe station (xcvr & amp)

tom p daley g-sixty_three at JUNO.COM
Sat Sep 5 13:22:43 EDT 1998

for sale sbe station $300 shipped conus

see them at

for sale

1. sbe 34 ssb hf transceiver in very good looking condition but only
 works well on 40 meters. cover 80 thru 15 meters with low power out.
 tube final and driver. has new tubes so unit needs alignment and love.
 110 vac or 12 vdc use. very compact. front panel is super nice and
 complete. with manual copy. with sbe mic (but think its bad). with
power cord.

2. sbe sb2-la linear amplifier in very good condition. works great !
with full power out (approx 600 pep with 60w drive). uses (4) 6lq6
tubes and they are 100%. case has been repainted black with
some chips and scratches. front is in very good condition and
is complete. covers 80 thru 15 meters. with power cord. has some
 minor rust spots on chassis and transformer top. very compact.
low power mode not working (bad resistor). with sb1la manual
 copy that is close to above.

for sale sbe station $300 shipped conus

see both at  http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Midfield/5934/sbe.html

thanks 73 tom

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