[HeathKit] SB-100 series vs. HW-101

David M. Nance dmnance at ROANOKE.INFI.NET
Sun Sep 6 20:17:15 EDT 1998


You are correct, they downgraded the HW-100 series from the SB-100
series; however, they lowered the price significantly in the process.
The SB-100 came out first and the HW-100 was brought out a few years
later and sold along side the SB-101 (which was the next evolution of
the SB-100) as a lower priced alternative.  I recall around 1970 the HW
series was about $100 dollars less than the SB series.  Although you
didn't get 1 kc readout with the HW, you still got the same output and I
believe the receiver sensitivity was about the same.

Several members of our high school radio club had HW-100's in early
70's.  It was the only new transceiver any of us could afford.

Hope this helps.

Dave - WB4SSE

zeitler at ibm.net wrote:

> Colleagues,
> It seems to me that the HW-101 is not as capable as the older
> SB-101/102
> rigs. Dial cal. is down to only 5 khz on the HW vs. within 1 khz on
> the SB.
> No optional remote vfo with the HW but available for the SB. What
> gives??
> Seems like Heath downgraded the rig when it evolved into the
> HW-100/101.
> Lane
> KM3G
> San Diego
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