R-392, etc. info request

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Sun Sep 6 21:52:59 EDT 1998

There was a thread abt the R392 a week or 2 ago - I read, but didn't save.
BUT - now I am one !  Picked one up at Shelby this wkend, purported to be
working, and the guy has a p.s. (at home) which he promises to send.  (I
have his home & office info, so believe in him).  and he turned out to be a
real nice BA guy.
        Did anyone save the recent posts?  I had deleted, & unfortunately did some
housekeeping in the PC & emptied the trash, so don't have them.  Could you
fwd to me?  or any other info, e.g. manual availability, etc?
        This looks like a nice "little" rcvr, sort of a "poor man's" R390, or
390A.  I've got an R388, keep my eyes open for a 390.  Saw one at Shelby,
but John Poulton had found it & brought it back to the spots we were sharing.

Also picked up National NC-500, a Galaxy GT-550A, & Globe Scout
Have manuals on the NCX-500 & G.S., but could use help on the Galaxy  -
again, there was so thread on them recently.

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
Boat Anchors appreciated here
anchor at coastalnet.com

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